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Q: Can you please give an example of lambda function in JavaScript?

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I am still strugling to understand the lambda functions in JavaScript (() =>). Can you please give an example (or some examples) of lambda function used in JavaScript?
asked in JavaScript category by user andrew

1 Answer

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This vide explains nicely:

and his code (on the 2nd line is the lambda function):

let x = function(a,b,c){return a+b+c;};
let x = (a,b,c) => a+b+c;


setTimeout(function () {alert("2 seconds passed")}, 2000);
setTimeout(() => alert("2.3 seconds passed"), 2000);

you clearly see by comparison with the regular anonymous function and the lambda one that the last one is more convenient and less code is required :-)

answered by user eiorgert
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