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Q: Documentation for learning jQuery

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Please share some documentation for learning jQuery (JavaScript's library).

I am watching some videos from Lynda and other tutorial sites but one nice documentation (even offline) would be swell!

Thank you!
asked in JavaScript category by user matthew44

5 Answers

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This is the official one:

answered by user mitko
edited by user golearnweb
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This documentation, but it is a bit old and unsupported:

answered by user nikole
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The best for Mac:

answered by user paulcabalit
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My favourite is Velocity. If you are using PHP Strorm, IntelliJ IDEA, Web Storm or other JetBrains software install Velocity from here: and install the plugin from the JetBrains' software from Preferences -> Plugins -> Browse repositories and search for "Dash";

After that install the docset sources from the program;

By choosing the word (method,object,class) select CTRL+SHIFT+D and you will get the documentation offline.

answered by user richard8502
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I use it with:
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answered by user sam
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