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Q: Format Helper - JavaScript task

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Your best friend Stamat is studying Bulgarian philology and he has to write essays all the time. Because you want to spent more time with him you decide to help him with his homework. You know that his teacher is super cocky about formatting a document so you want to create a simple text editor program, which will reformat a given text, based on some simple rules.

Write a JS program that detects bad formatting in a text and fixes it. The resulting text must follow these rules:

  • Having a single space (" ") only after every one of those symbols: ".,!?:;" is obligatory.
  • Having one or more spaces (" ") before every one of those symbols: ".,!?:;" is forbidden.
  • Sequences like ". . . !" should be displayed as "...!"
  • If there is a dot (".") followed by spaces, then by any digit(s) this means that the text might be a number or a date – make sure that there are no following spaces after the dot.
  • A text inside of quotes should be trimmed (e.g. " text "  "text")

Apply  the  rules  in  the  same  order  that  they  are  given  above.  Input  will  be  passed  as  single  string  parameter representing the text to format/edit.

The input data is passed to your function as an array, containing a single string element.

Print on the console the edited text.


  • The text inside of the quotes can contain any ASCII symbol but quote (")


Terribly formatted text . With chaotic spacings." Terrible quoting   "! Also
this date is pretty confusing : 20 . 12. 16 .

Terribly formatted text. With chaotic spacings. "Terrible quoting"! Also this date
is pretty confusing: 20.12.16.

Make,sure to give:proper spacing where is needed... !

Make, sure to give: proper spacing where is needed...!

asked in JavaScript category by user andrew

1 Answer

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Here is my answer:

function formatHelper(input) {
    let text = input[0];
    text = text.replace(/[.,!?:;]\s*/g, (match) => match.trim() + " ");
    text = text.replace(/\s+[.,!?:;]/g, (match) => match.trim());
    text = text.replace(/\.\s*\.\s*\.\s*!/g, "...!");
    text = text.replace(/(\.\s+)(\d+)/g, (match, gr1, gr2) => gr1.trim() + gr2);
    text = text.replace(/\"(\s*[^\"]+\s*)\"/g, (match, gr1) => `"${gr1.trim()}"`);


    'Terribly formatted text . With chaotic spacings." Terrible quoting   "! Also this date is pretty confusing : 20 . 12. 16 .'

//    'Make,sure to give:proper spacing where is needed... !'


answered by user hues