Q: If a lot of articles are added at ones, is it good for SEO?

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I bought a lot of articles - PLR ones on my niche and I am wondering if I post a huge numbers of articles to my site (all of them - about 1000) - is it good for SEO? Or I must set the posting on auto-mode? For example 1-2 per day? Thanks
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After watching the latest Matt Cutt's video on youtube I can say that you'd better post them GRADUALLY! Not at ones! Because the manual Google web spam team will examine your site's activity! Also - you said you have PLR articles... Are you using to see whether they are unique? in 2013, Google loves only unique articles or at least unique up to 75% and above! :-)

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Thanks! Are you talking about this video?

answered by user richard8502
Exactly! This one! :-)
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Here is sort of an answer to your question:

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No, according to me that's not good that you submit all the article ones and in the same website. you can use it in a better way.  Share them on different  good content sharing websites and promote them on social media. Check if your all the content is promotional, that don't need to be promotional. It should be promotional in that way so that users will like it.
answered by user Brayden