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Heroic Inventory - JavaScript task
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Q: Heroic Inventory - JavaScript task

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In the era of heroes, every hero has his own items which make him unique. Create a function which creates a register for the heroes, with their names, level, and items, if they have such. The register should accept data in a specified format, and return it presented in a specified format.

The input comes as array of strings. Each element holds data for a hero, in the following format:
“{heroName} / {heroLevel} / {item1}, {item2}, {item3}...”

You must store the data about every hero. The name is a string, the level is a number and the items are all strings.


Isacc / 25 / Apple, GravityGun
Derek / 12 / BarrelVest, DestructionSword
Hes / 1 / Desolator, Sentinel, Antara


Jake / 1000 / Gauss, HolidayGrenade


The output is a JSON representation of the data for all the heroes you’ve stored. The data must be an array of all the heroes. Check the examples above for more info.

asked in JavaScript category by user mitko

1 Answer

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Here is my solution:

function heroicInventory(dataRows) {

    let heroData = [];
    for (let i = 0; i < dataRows.length; i++) {
        let currentHeroEl = dataRows[i].split(" / ");

        let currentHeroName = currentHeroEl[0];
        let currentHeroLevel = Number(currentHeroEl[1]);

        let currentHeroItems = [];
        if (currentHeroEl.length > 2) {
            currentHeroItems = currentHeroEl[2].split(", ");

        let hero = {
            name: currentHeroName,
            level: currentHeroLevel,
            items: currentHeroItems

    "Isacc / 25 / Apple, GravityGun",
    "Derek / 12 / BarrelVest, DestructionSword",
    "Hes / 1 / Desolator, Sentinel, Antara"


answered by user nikole