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Q: Extract the Links - JavaScript task

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Write a JS function that extracts links from a given text. The text will come in the form of strings, each representing a sentence. You need to extract only the valid links from it.



  • Sub-Domain: www
  • Domain name: internet
  • Domain extension: com

  • The Sub-Domain must always be “www”.
  • The Domain name can consist of English alphabet letters (uppercase and lowercase), digits and dashes (“–“).
  • The Domain extension consists of one or more domain blocks, a domain block consists of a dot followed by one or more lowercase English alphabet letters, a Domain extension must have at least one domain block in order to be valid.

The Sub-Domain and Domain name must be separated by a single dot. Any link that does NOT follow the specified above rules should be treated as invalid.

Example incorrect links:  

  • ""
  • ""
  • ""
  • "^"
  • "www.pesho.12"
  • "www.gosho-site."
  • "www.example-site._*^#"

Example correct links:  

  • "Some"
  • "Just a link in a around"
  • "Instruments Instrument here"
  • "All your ice cream  also have squirrels)"

The input comes as array of strings. Each element represents a sentence.

Examples for the task:

Join WebStars now for free, at
You can also support our partners:
Internet -
WebSpiders -
Sentinel - www.sentinel.-ko


Need information about cheap hotels in London?
You can check us at!
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"London Hotels are awesome!" -
"I am very satisfied with their services" -
"Best Hotel Services!" - www.rebel21.sedecrem.moc


The output is all valid links you’ve found, printed – each on a new line.

asked in JavaScript category by user golearnweb

1 Answer

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Interesting task soled with regex:

function extractLinks(arrStr) {
    let pattern = /(www)\.([a-zA-Z0-9-]+)(\.[a-z]+){1,}/g;

    let result = "";
    for (let arrS of arrStr) {
        let matches = arrS.match(pattern);
        if (matches != null) {
            result += matches + "\n";

    "Join WebStars now for free, at",
    "You can also support our partners:",
    "Internet -",
    "WebSpiders -",
    "Sentinel - www.sentinel.-ko"


answered by user paulcabalit