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Q: Keyword density

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Hi. I have an online shop with WordPress CMS a lot of categories and products. I am wondering about Keyword density >1%, is there a maximum percentage? Is there a plugin for measuring keyword density. How can I know what is the percentage? Thank you
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3 Answers

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Your keyword density must be less then 3%. To find out the percentage you must install one very usefull plugin called WordPress SEO Yoast - it will give a lot of valuable advices including keyword density. Here is the link -

answered by user golearnweb
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you can also use Mozilla add-on (extension) called SEO Quake - to see the keyword density of a post. Also there are a lot of useful features inside it! :-) I use it a lot!

answered by user eiorgert
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Also Firebug is a good extension for web developers.
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Hi everyone, keywords are the most important part of our website. We have to be very careful when we choose keywords for our website. There are 3 thing that we need to care when choosing our keywords.
1) Always choose keywords with high search and low competition.
2) Always use popular words in your keywords.
3)Always use log tale keywords.
keyword density means the number of times keywords appear in the content.
We have use a density maximum 3%  that means if we have a 100 words paragraph then keywords can appear only one time.
It is very important to take care for keyword density because if we use more our keywords then it is called keyword stuffing.
And Google don't like this.
So if you want Google don't Penalize your site then you need to care for that.
answered by user anonymous
Thanks, prologic! Nice info!

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