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Q: Filter By Age - JavaScript Task

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I need to write a JS function that stores the name and age of two persons in objects and then filters them by minimum age.

The input comes as five arguments:

  • The first element is the minimum age.
  • The second and third elements are the name and age of the first person
  • The fourth and fifth elements – the name and age of the second person.


12, 'Ivan', 15, 'Asen', 9   


{ name: 'Ivan', age: 15 }

The three age parameters will be numbers, the names will be strings. The output should be printed to the console.

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1 Answer

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Here is my solution:

function filterByAge(minAge, nameA, ageA, nameB, ageB) {
    var personA = {name: nameA, age: Number(ageA)};
    var personB = {name: nameB, age: Number(ageB)};

    if (personA.age >= minAge) {

    if (personB.age >= minAge) {

filterByAge(12, "Ivan", 15, "Asen", 9);


answered by user eiorgert
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