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Q: How To Create TOP Optimized Website?

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I want to create TOP TOP optimized site(s) as I am a web designer.

Can you please share with me some:

  • Tips
  • Online/Offline tools
  • Resources
  • Books
  • Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Courses
  • Useful sites
  • Plugins
  • Components
  • ...and other stuff which you use

So they will help me achieve my goal?

I really, really want to become top-notch web developer and provide trully professional web designing services to my clients! :-)

Thank you!

asked in Web Development category by user samfred5830

7 Answers

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Here is one page (SOURCE) - very, very nice about your topic:

Many successful websites, have applied these principles to build an empire:

  • Instant gratification. Give visitors value within 5 seconds of arriving at your site.
  • The Web is about words. Write good copy, check spelling, label fields and buttons clearly.
  • Users hate waiting. Optimize, compress, cache. Do whatever it takes to achieve speed.
  • Build for search. Search rankings will make or break any new website.
  • Content is king. You can't fake good content. Create it, buy it, or automate its production.
  • Remove barriers. Visitors are selfish and goal-oriented. Give them no reason to leave.
  • Feedback is gold. Collect it, analyze it, act on it. Be humble. You don't know best.
  • Measure everything. Integrate deep analytics. Constantly test alternatives.
answered by user ak47seo
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The book  High Performance Web Sites - Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers by Steve Souders is gold!

Although a bit old (2007) there are still very useful tips and suggestions which still work nowadays! :-)

Here is a link to it

answered by user andrew
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Always use Validator to clean up your code! It is crucial especially when it comes to big branded web-sites with perfect code! I always check my code, validate it and clean the mess after the developers of the themes/templates! :-)

answered by user eiorgert
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Make sure to optimize the speed of your web site!

Fast-loading web-site is a MUST!

Here are some websites I use to rocket my web projects:

and of course:

Good luck with your optimization dude!

answered by user icabe
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Test your sites whether they are responsive and mobile friendly.

I use 2 nice, easy to navigate and use tools:

Mobile-Friendly Test by Google


>> And you can also use the build-in Google console to check whether your site is responsive - just press F12 and it will show up!

answered by user john7
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Use this site: to search for duplicate content, broken links, issues, load time, etc. and compare the results with other sites. Good site with clean interface.

Also I would suggest woorank: - but woorank is with slightly different purpose...

answered by user matthew44
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To optimize your onpage for seo you have to follow the following steps:

301 redirection
Link consistency
nofollow attributes
Meta Title
Meta Description
H1 tags
Image alt tag.
answered by user johnniewalk