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Q: Best to target 1 keyword per post?

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What is the best on page SEO strategy? I have site - simple HTML one - with no much content. Best to target 1 keyword per post? Or more?
asked in SEO category by user matthew44

2 Answers

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The best option for writing an article is to do a good research! Go to Google keyword tool and by using [exact] option see which keywords have traffic and are relatively easy to rank - with medium and easy competition. Then create your article and include there LSI keywords. Try to make the article unique and useful for the user, not for the search engine. Usually for me 2 hours are enough for research and article writing! Cheers, Alex
answered by user golearnweb
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It depends on the content uniqueness, you can add more targeted keywords in your content. But you have to make sure that inserting targeted keywords should not loose the uniquness of the content as well the keyword density should be less than 5%.
answered by user johnniewalk