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Q: Suggest Java course or video tutorials for beginners

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I am Java newbie and want to learn Java!

Please suggest some video courses or/and tutorials which I can use to learn Java - for beginners.


asked in Java category by user eiorgert
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5 Answers

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This one is good my friend:

High-quality and relatively new - the IDE is IntelliJ IDEA (not Eclipse):

The video tutorials are easy to understand, the narration is professional + clear and the teacher - David Gassner: is explaining very well! Moreover, he has a lot of other Java video courses - for Android, more advanced ones, etc...

answered by user golearnweb
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If you are from Russia you might want to watch these videos: but you must know that the author: Тимур Батыршинов is not an English native speaker - so sometimes you may wonder about the meaning of a particular word...

answered by user richard8502
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If you live in Bulgaria, Sofia - then you can attend this Software University:

Pretty big deal: good prices and they will teach you properly Java! They also post a lot of educational videos on YouTube - but you must understand Bulgarian. Otherwise - vey, very reliable sourse of Java education (and other programming languages like C#, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.)!

Recommend it!

answered by user john7
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Other author and video series I would recommend:

The courses on Udemy: are good idea as you pay only ones - not like on Lynda: (monthly payments); Buchalka also explains java in IntelliJ and you can learn about JavaFX as well!

I like the course and the nice videos! Search for the author on Google and YouTube - he has a lot of experience with software development and recored plenty of tutorials!

Here's one interesting Java video :-)


answered by user hues
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You can learn from the official Oracle documentation - they have some very nice tutorials: Download + read + learn :-)

answered by user sam
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