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Q: How to see the lines which connect the braces in Visual Studio?

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How can I see the lines which are connecting the braces in Visual Studio or How can I put vertical lines between curly bracket?

I saw this feauture on one of the C# tutorials I've watched... Hope you understand my question :-) Thanks

Like on this screenshot:

connecting braces lines in Visual Studio

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First you must install ProductivityPowerTools (it is FREE plugin/add-on):

For Visual Studio 2013 - DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE:

For Visual Studio 2015 - DOWNLOAD IT FROM HERE:

Then: Go to Tools->Options->Productivity Power Tools->Other Extensions

There is an option group called Structure visualizer options.

In there is a checkbox for Show code structure in editor. Turn it off and restart Visual Studio.

See the picture below:

showing and activating vertical braces in Visual Studio

Actually ProductivityPowerTools is a very nice addition to Visual Studio! :-) Here is one video explaining it's features (fraight from :-)

and another one from YouTube:

answered by user samfred5830
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Good advice and excellent addition to Visual Studio! thanks samfred5830