Q: Which backlinks checking software to use?

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There are a lot of backlink checkers and programs to track the number of the backlinks on the market! Which is the best one - with the most accurate results? Can you please share your experience with it (them)? I am using inSpyder to track my rank positions, but is there a good software which can tell how many backlinks are pointing to my site or my clients' sites? Thanks
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Here are the best checkers in my opinion:
1. SEO Moz:
2. Majestic SEO:
3. SEO Glass: (it is a program, not a site)
4. Raven Tools:
5. Ahrefs:

All are good and do a pretty decent job!

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It is hard to say which one is the best! All of them have pros and cons! Make your own research and decide for yourself! BTW, you've mentioned InSpyder program - I am using it as well and I'm pretty happy with it. Here is one tutorial how to use it - Hope that helps

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Exactly on that topic there is an article which you can read here - a comparison between all these tools. Personally I like SEO Moz....

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i use for me its the best , but the price tag for $75/month is pricey... so i decide to use group buy so we can share the cost, may be you can do it too with your friend ?
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Most of the people love SEOMoz. but I suppose that ahrefs is a solution too
Ahrefs is a little bit expensive, that's true. I've found a good alternative - SE Ranking
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You can also use Scrapebox's premium plugin called - Rank Tracker. It also tracks all your positions in the Search Engines. Here are 2 videos explaining...

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I prefer online tools, here is the list of top 13 backlink checker tools

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