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Q: How to show quotes in strings in C#?

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I need to declare two string variables and assign them with following value:
The "use" of quotations causes difficulties.


It needs to be done in two different ways: with and without using quoted strings.

The output must be the same - only the way must be different for each printed line.

The "use" of quotations causes difficulties.
The "use" of quotations causes difficulties.


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1 Answer

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using System;

class QuotesInStrings
    static void Main()
        string a = @"The ""use"" of quotations causes difficulties.";
        string b = "The \"use\" of quotations causes difficulties.";


First use @ in front of the opening quote - bear in mind the double "" before and after the use word!

Second: use the escape \ to show up the inner ""...

answered by user john7
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