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Your window cleaning company site don't appear to be ranking for anything. Out of curiosity, was that site hit by a Google update?
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Hello. SEO is changing extremely fast and a lot of stuff is not as it used to be. That is why if someone want to do SEO he/she must be very, very smart. My site is ranking pretty well for the areas and the inner pages which is enough for the business in London. Unfortunately I was greedy and wanted #1 instead of #2 for the whole Britain and used a service called High PR Society with 50-100 links from this blog networks (I can barely call it private) the position dropped from place #2 to #500 and above.

However, in order to be safe for any type of updates, SEO expert must now create a lot of inner pages for LSI keywords - close ones and synonyms. Anyways - Google also has it's negative sides such as strange results. For example on one of the top positions for the keyword "window cleaners" in is this site - I've checked all I can about it - and - it has almost no backlink, it is full of errors, no images, videos, social sharing, etc. The only thing that is different from the other is the age - the domain name is almost 9 years old... So, in my opinion Google is trying to create a mix of results - aged domain, unique content, etc. The most important thing now is that we must be extremely careful with the backlinks created to the main site! Only valuable and from the niche of the site (relevant) are important. Also - the site must have NO spunn content - only unique one... These keywords - click here, check this out must present in the backlinking portfolio - to have maximum diversity!

A while ago I was curious how much a professional SEO company in London charges for good results in Google (I've checked their portfolio - which is great - with excellent SEO results). They replied that they charge 5000 pounds per month and they do SEO from A to Z, meaning building the site, creating backlinks. What I am trying to say is that nowadays off page SEO (link building) is as important as on page SEO (site creation, domain name, hosting on the geographical location, speed + CDN, etc.). So you must learn web design and SEO - both! :-)
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Now more work is needed to get good rankings... not only backlinks. A lot of SEO "masters" left without work! :-(