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Hi, I am using SeNuke Xcr for my backlinking strategy. I have some questions. Your help is greatly appreciated!

1. Over how many days do you typically spread SeNuke XCr submissions 1 day - 7 days?
2. How far out are you scheduling these?  What I mean is say you do Boost 1 how many weeks or days do you wait after this to do Boost 2? And does this depend on if this is a new site versus an aged older than 2 year old site?
3. How often are you able to run one of these Ultimate campaigns in order to avoid being penalized?
4. Do you use the Turbo Wizard in XCR at all?
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I am using SeNuke since the beginning of the program. Here are my suggestions:

1. After Google panda and penguin a lot of SEO link building changed - I would suggest to make backlinking campaigns long. No less then 5 days. The longest - 15 days - if it is veeery big. This way the linkbuilding process looks more natural.

2. I will share my personal experience. I am buying one SEO gig from fiverr very day - and spend $5 each day. AND - I build links to each of my pages + inner pages - this way my site is surrounded with all kind of backlinks and the rules are: keep link velocity + link diversity. The second campaign I am doing for a particular page is with different LSI keywords! The keywords almost never repeat! this way you will have a looot of different LSI keywords pointing to your site! Yes - Google tend to trust older web sites and gives priorities to them! If you have a web site older than 2 years age - you are lucky! Less work is involved and the ranking is easier and faster. Also, I've noticed that after a certain period of time (2 years) - without any RECENT link building the site ranks itself. Kind of a miracle! :-) Another secret: try to focus on creating new articles - unique ones regarding your topic and you can build campaigns to them! :-) For the main keywords and the main target pages you can create ultimate campaigns every 15 days - BUT as I mentioned before try to rotate the keywords and add some additional keywords. Nowadays Google hates a lot of exact anchor texts as it looks unnatural.

3. Two times per week with different LSI (IMPORTANT!) and to different inner pages!

4. The Turbo Wizard does not gives a lot of flexibility when building campaigns. I do not use it and wouldn't suggest it. If you are creating backlinks NOT TO THE MONEY SITE, BUT TO THE BUFFER SITES  - it is OK - as it saves time. :-)
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For tier 1, do you manually submit, or do you use SENuke to submit? I'm thinking manual submissions is the best--especially since I can easily remove the links and take down the entire pyramid if I should ever get zapped by Google. What do you think?

I'm planning to use The Best Spinner to spin an article at the sentence level--I'm also going to spin in some video and image embed codes just to keep it unique. What is a good uniqueness % to go for? Copyscape won't pull anything because it's an article that I originally wrote and have not yet posted online.  

Thanks for your help!
For tier 1 I use SeNuke  - yes. BUT the best option is to use manual submission. There is one software called BuzzBundle and currently there is one chap - Matthew Woodward who is advertizing it - it it seems very nice for targeted traffic! :-) you can use it to get as much people interested in particular topic! Here is one tutorial about it:

Also - this program creates very nice backlinks and will boost your site's positions drastically and people! It is an excellent choice for tier 1! Unfortunately Google is getting better in finding all these backlinks pyramids so that is why I am using it only for tiers 2 (and only quality articles for tier 1!) A good unique article is considered at least 60% unique - the best one is that has no duplicates in the web! :-)
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Here is one course about SeNuke XCR - hope you will learn how to use this powerful SEO machine to improve your rankings! But in 2013 you must be extremely careful with your backlinks!
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