Q: How to make money online? Share REALISTIC ways!

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Hi. What is the recipe for making money online? What is your personal experience? Is it selling digital products, affiliate marketing or maybe AdSence? Or maybe freelancing or offering SEO services online? Please share some REALISTIC ways to make money online! Thanks.
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1.    Don’t spend much on Group Buys, these are distractions only. I know (and it applies to me as well) you don’t need every thing out there. If you are an affiliate marketer, Genesis, Lifestyle, Minimum Old and Prose is all what you need. I have ranked tons of sites using Genesis, I believe, clean code of a Wordpress theme does help in ranking.

2.    Be a master of few tools. Don’t stuff your PC or VPS with all the backlinking softwares out there. Trust me, you won’t be using most of them (ask yourself right now, how many tools do you use regularly).

3.    I have been in affiliate marketing for like 2 years now. And I just have got to say this, YOU MUST TARGET PRODUCT NAMES TO MAKE REAL MONEY. I know, I know, some people may have been killing it in adsense or CPA but I always made money with review style sites focused on a product name.

4.    If you are tight on a budget, be partners, like one guy invests and the other guy does site setup, backlinking etc (its like one guy is investor, and one is builder). I made less money when I was alone, I found such a partner (who is my one of the best friend online now, like real brother) and he would invest in content buying, domain buying etc and I would be his SEO guy. And you know what; we crossed $5k per month mark in like 3-4 months.

5.    Don’t listen to what people have to say. You gotta be brave enough to make your own decisions with your common sense (its another thing that common sense is a sense that is not so common). You gotta test it yourself rather than listening to others. Lets say you go, open a thread, and ask, does contextual links from high PR pages work (they work) and you know what, every Tom, Dick and Harry gonna come and tell you no man, do this or do that and I tell ya (95% of those people have never used such backlinks themselves, they have just read about it)

6.    If you are in SEO, PUT ALL YOUR EFFORTS in getting contextual links from high PR pages. They are the real cream of backlinks. Be partners, make yourself a small network for your own use.

7. Now (it may sound like a pitch but in reality it ain’t, I get no personal financial gains in any form whatsoever), if you wanna learn SEO inside out and really wanna be damn knowledgeable about ranking a site, check this (no affiliate link). After this course, you don’t need to read anything and I mean anything. You certainly can rank in search engines at your own will. It’s expensive but as they say money makes money.
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Here's one nice video here -
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I have tried numerous programs online to make money. Some have generated small amounts of cash, nothing substantial. Recently my friend shared a site with me that's working fine. The benefits are: Low one time $25.00 start up, Easy program to work, Simple instructions, Work at your own pace and set your own schedule. There are no promises of instant wealth.....just consistent monthly income. Check it out for your self:
Hi, thanks for the opportunity.
i have work on , becouse i love to spend time on facebook , twitter and youtube, but i want to find something new.
Nice info buddy, will try this method too.
Thanks for sharing
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There are many legitimate ways to make money online.You can earn through internet by writing blogs,articles,ad-sense,affiliate marketing and other such ways.I work from my home and will share my experience.I have been into online business for the past few years,I do reselling business with ,I chose this business because there was no way to get scammed if we found a legit reselling company.It is very easy  to make a good turnover because the cost for each service is fixed by reseller and also it has a fixed commissioned pay for each sale.The customer service and payment is handled by the reselling company and hence I just have to promote the services.Hope my experience will be useful for you.
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Make money just with your computer!! Without Investments! Passive Income !!
Hello Everybody! I make for you a simple guide anout how to make money ( Bitcoins) just with your computer !! So lets begin our trip to create your Passive Income!

1-- First thing to do is that you register on this site: . Its a cloudmining site and a pool ( the best i know) where you can mine with your computer Bitcoins, trade and buy cloud mining power.

2-- Then you go to subpage on the top right corner named (Thats a subpage about mining only with your machines and computers)

3-- You see a options about what to mine (Like This-- Btc, Doge, Ltc , Multipool etc..) , CLICK on multipool option, you see the configuration ( stratum+tcp:// etc..) you copy that configuration to your GPU miner ( GPU means taht you are mining through your graphic card) with your username and password x . then you start your miner. You dont have to change or configure anything everything is doing automatically !

4-- Now you are getting Bitcoins !-- you choose multipool because its the best option- why?- because it mine every altcoin that have now smaller difficulty,best hash rate and is you are getting more bitcoins then from any other altcoin. For example that means when dogecoin is now best to mine multipool choose dogecoin, and convert them to bitcoins.

5-- You mine your Bitcoins and now comes the phase thats more important and make you passive income 24 hours/7 days a week.!!

6-- You go to top left option TRADE and buy Gh/s For Bitcoins. Now you mine All the time until infinite, more Gh/s you have more bitcoins you get. Then you can buy them cheap and sell expensive so you make your month mining results in one trade. really cool!!

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You will find lot of money making ways that help you quickly and easily boost your finances. The fastest and easiest online business opportunities to earn money which I found to be more productive these days is travel  affiliate business. You will find many inexpensive websites such as offers opportunity to have your own travel portal at small investment and you can generate high income in the form of commissions.
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Hello Everyone,

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This is legit and paying website.
I am also trying it out and as soon as I get the payment I will post it here.
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There are literally number of ways through which you can actually earn plenty of bucks from the comfort of your home. You just need to work smartly and then there is nothing that can stop you from winning money.
Trading in binary options is one such way of earning money, but before you do that collect all the fundamental information from relevant places like and then try your hands on it. I am sure; you will be able to make some quick money through this.
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Hi, I've been into money making online niche since long ago, with no positive results till I entered this system, I followed the instructions and they provided me with a great strategy which has made me earn quite good commission... I hope this help :)
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I found a great way to earn some money.. as a lot of people i was a bit sceptical about almost everything that i found but this is sort of different so her is a link it is stil an MLM sistem but its the most user friendly and it does require some work as you have to found leads but they tech you that too soo chek it aut and see for yourself..
With love and abundance Nejc
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Earn 1$ -50$ per day + complete guide

I will teach you how to earn not $1000 but $10 a day or $300 a month. Yes, you can earn this amount from your own computer. And the best part is that you do not have to invest even a single Dollar and you can earn $300 per month with your own effort, You also do not need even a Single Referral. The site name is Paidverts.
 Paidverts is a part of My traffic value which is Stable and paying their members on time since 2010. So, don’t even think that paidverts will scam you. Paidverts is Legit, Trusted and Paying their every members on time. You can read more about this here
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The best current way for all people to earn money online these days is with Tsu. Tsu are a very unique social network (just like facebook) , except they pay you to post, share and like and invite your friends.. as of writing this there are already 300,000 + users.

Tsu is definitely legitimate as it is backed by several celebrities, the rapper 50 cent to name one. Just before the launch of the site, $7,000,000 was invested into the site. Tsu has also been featured on CNN and Fox Business! They get the money to pay you from advertising on the site (facebook earns $35,000,000 everyday from advertising)

The method that I use on Tsu is to create an interesting page, not a personal one, but one that people are interested in. for example,  on my profile i post beautiful pictures of the natural world, and i have got 2,700 followers in just 4 days of posting..  you can check my profile here

If you invite your friends to the site, you will earn 50% of whatever they earn, and if they also happen to invite more people, you will earn 30% from those users, and if those people invite more people you will earn 11% and so on & so on..

You can only join Tsu by an invitation from another user. I have been a member since the beginning so I can invite people..

To have a look or sign up, go to and enter the code AmazingPlaces to get accepted. Or you can sign up directly from my profile -
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I agree with you, have been using tsu for a few days, already got more than a thousand followers + earning from them every day
can vouch for tsu! pretty sure its gonna be the new facebook & twitter before the end of the year
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Have found an excellent source that you can make money online at.
With a free application downloaded from the page dems can earn up to 1.5 euros per day.

Invests in the contracts of 10 days 3 month 1 year or 2 years after what you can afford.
As you earn more than what you put out.
Fast payouts to paypal if you wish.
Here one can earn from 0-99 euro per day :)

After a short time so I have an adminstration that looks like this.

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Recently I found a new app called Flitto on Google Play last week. It gives you translations of texts, images, and recordings, in any of the 17 different languages the app supports. You can get a message of your choice translated accurately and quickly as all translations are done by Flitto’s users.
You can also use the app to help others with translations in languages that you know. Every time you help a person with a translation, you earn points that can be exchanged for money. Using the money earned you can buy goodies of your choice at the Flitto Store. I use the app for translations in Spanish and also help others with translations in French and English.
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'allo! I have recently fallen into the wonderful world of Mystery Shopping! I started a few months ago and am finally making a consistent $150-200 a day after a LOT of trial and error. I have since taught a number of friends and family members what I have learned and the one thing everyone wanted to know was, "How can I make some quick cash without visiting a store- are there 'phone mystery shops' or something I can do to 'get my feet wet'?"

And the answer is: Yes there IS! There's a great company (CCQA) that does call center phone shops AND it's free to join. All you do is call the number they give you and pose as a customer. I have done these calls for Auto Insurance, Cable and Internet Services, Colleges, Pet Insurance, Home Warranties and more. The cool thing is that they deposit your earnings ($5 a call- seriously!) in payPal within 7 days!

So here's how it works:

1.Sign up with ccqa Http://

2. You'll be asked to do a Test Call Evaluation form.

3. Once you have completed the form and submitted it, you will receive an email almost immediately saying: "Thank you. Your test call evaluation form has been successfully submitted and will be reviewed in the order it was received. We will contact you via email with a list of paid calls if we hire you as Telephone Mystery Shopper contractor for our company.
Please note we only have a limited number of paid calls available, so this work is on an as-needed-basis and is NOT a full-time position. If you have any questions you may contact XXXXX@XXXXX."

4. Within 12-24 hours, you will receive a second email stating: "PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING.  It contains important contractor information that has been updated.
Please visit this URL: xxxxx
These calls should be a minimum of 6 minutes long and the payout is $5 per shop including submitted online paid call evaluation form for each call made.
ALWAYS provide the call center agent accurate contact information including a REAL phone number you can be reached at. Do NOT use a Google Voice number as this will make it obvious you are a Mystery Shopper.
The online paid call evaluation form can be accessed here: xxxxx
IMPORTANT: You MUST complete the evaluation on the online Paid Call Evaluation Form for each call made in order to receive payment.
Please pay attention to the directions for each call. Please allow up to 12 seconds to connect to the call center IVR system. Only do one call evaluation per call center.
Please skip any call centers that are closed, you cannot connect with, you have previously completed, or you are a current customer of.
We do not require a 1099 at this time. We have updated our payment policy effective 10/1/2014.  Pay will be issued in 7 days or less from the submission date of your completed shop evaluation form.  All calls are tracked and recorded automatically.
You can do all the calls or choose the ones that match your interests. We ask that you complete all calls you want to do within the next 5 days.
ALL calls are recorded and reviewed."

5. The email will then list the available Calls. My first list had 16 calls, 5 of which I didn't qualify for. That left 11 calls and I knocked those out in a couple of hours! A good friend in another state received 20 calls and qualified for them all, so where you're located can make a difference.

6. Within seven days (mine took EXACTLY 7 days!) you will see your earnings in your PayPal account!

7. As with most things, there are a few tricks to making this easy and painless and I am going to share them with you. As I have learned the VERY hard way, you do NOT want to associate your primary phone # or email with any of your shops. Obviously, you need a [i]working[/i] email and phone, so here's what I recommend. For an email address, just hit gmail and create one. Don't use words like test,shop,etc. The 2nd thing you're going to want to do is to get a usable phone #. When I first started this, I obviously didn't want to PAY for a #, so after some searching, I found the perfect solution:! Just go to, follow the simple directions and you'll have a free phone number and voicemail! Now, it will NOT be a local #, but in the age of cellphones, area codes are almost irrelevant and I have yet to have a single Call Center rep or Shop target even ask me about it! Oh and make sure you have the voicemail set up before you start your CCQA Calls. Please carefully review the Call requirements for each call and have a believable scenario ready for each. I keep a small memo pad on my right with notes for my calls.

And that's really about it! Now, don't expect to make a bundle doing this. This company only sends calls out every couple of months, but if you need a quick $50 in the next week, this will definitely do the trick!
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I am making money by joining this website
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For anyone who is interested in Working from home rapidly, in addition to you intend to uncover more you need to, check this available.
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From my experience I can tell you affiliate marketing is one of the best and realistic way. There are some good reasons makes me recommend this method :
- no big costs to get the affiliate link to promote, you can get the affiliate link even at no cost
- there are a lot of easy and free methods to promote and get traffic to the link, of course you can choose the paid methods also, but for the beginning I suggest to use the free ones
- you do not have to sell the product, just to promote it, if someone buys the product you will get a commission and the good thing is that the commissions are not small at all
- you do not have to spend to much time for promoting, just 1-2 hours per day is enough
- it  is really a backup solution to your current occuppation if you have one
I can provide some mini e-books for your information for free, please find them here and share them to others if you like :
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The answer always depends at these kind of questions that what kind of person you are. There are a lot of scam on the internet, but you can research other people's opinions about the method you've find so you know if it's a scam or not. I don't like affiliate marketing, actually you're have to have a good youtube channel or a website that has at least 1000 views/day. And if you do, you wanna put ads on it and it wroths better than put affiliate stuff on it. But, if you're taking it seriously, it's a way as well. I like simple methods, one of the simplest methods are PTC point to click websites, easy to use and you can do it under 18 100% legit. You might won't quit your job today because of that, but whos are saying that is for cents, they are wrong, if you are doing these PTC programs well, you can earn $-s in every 15-30 seconds. Here's what i'm talking about, i think that this is the simplest way to start making money online especially if you're a noobie in this kind of topic. I hope i've helped for some of you.

 Check this out, it really works and these programs have 1000s of active users so you're know that it isn't a scam, really valuable information nowdays to find a simple, easy but legit and well-paying money making method thgough the internet. Have a good day!
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wow :) cool information, I just looking for information about making and i find here some cool news: that ideas helped me :) but now i really see to very helpful methods :) thanks a lot :) i'm young on this, but I just earn 2 dolars today :D ha! maybe it's not al ot, but for a beginner? i think it's cool :)
You can resell social media services from here - they send payment through paypal.
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Try with Paid to click sites. these are some of the best sites
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The easiest, simplest and real money can be made by Adfly (
). It's a very simple task but yet powerful tool to make money online.
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Hie guys. From my experience this site is the best : You can play and earn easily. As well as it has some work from home options that you definitely never have thought of.
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