Q: Lack of motivation - please help!

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Hi. it might be somewhat out of the topic but still - can you recommend some motivational speakers and speeches? I have a problem motivating myself for some customers' web site building. any suggestions?
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Here is the best motivational speaker - Les Brown in my opinion. And 3 of his greatest motivational videos:

1. Mindset - 50 minutes:

2. It is not over!
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here is one video you might find interesting:

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I don’t wanna share why and how but I tell you, I have spent a tough life and what I learnt is this, if you help someone when one needs help, God (if you don’t believe in Him, then it’s the universal laws of keeping an equilibrium that) will help you when you are in need of help.

Self praise is not recommended but I feel that in IM world, I made money only because at some points, I did help people (though personally, I don’t count it as a deed and its reward). You gotta be a better human being without the need for a better reward.

Some guy told me that imagine a little girl is drowning in the river and a person sees that, he thinks, if I help that poor little girl, God will give me a reward and would be happy with me. At the same time, another guy sees the girl and just jumps in the river to save that girl without thinking anything. Now, tell me, who is a better human being? It’s not that asking for a reward is bad but personally I would like to be the guy who doesn’t expect anything. So - help those who are in need of it!
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one of the things that helped me was to stop analyzing thing so much, "analysis is paralysis" sometimes you just have to get up and do it!
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This means finding out what really matters to you and what actions would bring benefits and improvement into your life and into the life of the people around you.Then  think deeply, and discover what are your real goals in life, but don't forget also to focus your attention on the  little things of life, where a little motivation will help too.
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