Q: Want to change the layout and the design of the WordPress Dashboard - admin area

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Can you please recommend some plugins for changing the layout of the Dashboard in WordPress CMS admin area? I mean - I am tired of this grey color - is there a way to change it? Thanks
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I use this one - - it is called Modern Admin and it really gives you a lot of functionality! It is flat-retina ready template for Wordpress admin. This plugin comes with 4 color schemes, custom login form, configurable menu & dashboard icons.

Here are the features of this great plugin:
1. Clean design and retina (like on Apple :-)) support
2. 5 color schemes: Blue (default), Green, Red, Yellow, Purple (and more free color in the future)
3. Custom login
4. Custom logo text/image
5. Choose your own icons
answered by user eiorgert
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Try Easy Admin Color Schemes - - you can change the colors there. You can also pick and use your very own color (with color picker). I like the purple theme! :-)
answered by user sam
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Use this one - - it is called Easily Change Admin Color. Quote: "This plugin allows easy manipulation of WordPress admin menu colors and appearance. Users can color code menu items in the admin menu for ease of access.
You can also hide any menu from view."
answered by user mitko
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I use BAW Better Admin Color Themes - - you can even change the icons (not only the color in the Dashboard).
answered by user hues
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Use Color My Posts - - you can change the color in WP the admin area by the following criteria:
- Post Status
- Post Format
- Post ID
- Post Categories
- Post Types
- Post Tags
 - Author
Hope that helps!
answered by user richard8502
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With you can really re-brand your admin page and even the log-in page! :-)
answered by user eiorgert
Thanks for the useful info!