Q: Which is the best link building SEO software (program) now - 2013 on the market?

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Hey guys, which is the best link building software (like Senuke XCr) on the market now? Please share what do you think as I am confused which one to buy! I have tested SeNuke Xcr but I am still doubtful about SeNuke XCr - please help!
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GSA Search Engine Ranker: - An all in one SEO tool that costs $99. One time payment.

Article Kevo: - Article Kevo was designed to allow users to submit articles to a lot of different sites, as easily and as efficiently as possible. Once you set it up initially, AKV can run for on autopilot, submitting articles, bookmarks, profiles, building backlinks and giving your websites the exposure you want. AKV is a one time payment of $97 (currently there is a discount price of $65 :-)). You can get it for less on the Warrior Forum.

Magic Submitter: - Magic Submitter is probably the first true competitor to SENuke. Developed by Alex Krulik, it will do pretty much all of what SENuke does and with a monthly price of $67.

Fiverr - Maybe let others that have the software do the job for you. See this -
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Thanks! More clear now!
I think all these programs are spam generators. Is it a SPAM using them? thanks, (the question is to richard)
What do you think? Really? Take a minute (or five) and think about it.

OK OK, I’ll help. All these products take your very unique and high quality article (and 99% of the users are not using such articles for their submissions), spins it and publishes it on dozens (maybe more) sites on the internet.

So, is it spam? YES. And don’t go sugar coating it. It is spam. Period. Do I Want to be a Spammer? I don’t know. Do you?
Did it work for me? Yes.
Did it make me money? Yes.
Am I sorry I did it? Not really.
Does it work today? Yes.
Will it work tomorrow? Probably.
And next year? Who knows. Maybe you can ask Matt Cutts. Actually, don’t ask him. He will probably say it doesn’t work today.

My point is that you should know that you are creating spam and not really adding any value to the internet. You are only doing it in order to rank your sites and make money. That is fine. Like I said, I did it and plenty of others are doing it. I just don’t like those that sugar coat what they are doing and making it all sound like they are actually adding value to anyone but themselves. So All Link Building is Spam?
Think about it like this. If you are creating a link just for the link, than it is probably spam. If you are publishing content on the internet just for the sake of getting the link you inserted in there than it is spam.

If you are creating content that provides value and is intended for people to see and read than it isn’t spam. A good example is guest posting.
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Here is one nice video on the topic:

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Is their is a software which helps to get a backlink for a website?
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