Q: Google Panda updates and penalization - what works now?

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I am curious what is still relevant and what is going to get me penalized. What strategies do you use today? I'm looking through Mathew Woodward's website and I'm watching the tiered link building tutorial. This is pretty much what I was thinking of doing, and I was planning to run SENuke directly to my tier 1 sites, never to my main site. What do you think about this strategy?
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Yes - exactly - SeNuke XCr must be used today ONLY to create backlinks to the tier 1 - not the main site. This strategy works today. Also - try to find relevant sites to yours and ask the web master to backlink to yours. I am also considering buying this software - for backlinks and traffic matthew's site has an excellent tutorial about this. In my opinion this will work well nowadays + will get traffic to the site. Also - Matthew says that he does not create backlinks and only get traffic and positions in Google with this software - you can read his monthly reports. Hope that helps. Thank you, Alex
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Try to write unique content - now on page SEO is more important...
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I couldn't agree more! :-)
Here is one SEO 2013 article -
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I found this article on your blog -

I think it will be useful for any type of Google penalization

Cheers, Mit
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Before Google Panda and Penguin the SEO was like this: 25% on page SEO + 75% off page SEO; NOW IT IS: 25% Backlinks - off page SEO + 75% on page SEO. I have a lot of web sites and I am improving them - from some time I am using CDN network + some speed improving techniques - I can tell you, my friend that if you follow some rules in improving your site on page SEO - you will go much faster UP in Google!
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Try to build really, really great web site(s) - fast loading (buy CDN), install some special plugins which will improve the speed. Clean your web site from any type of errors - you can use -

Add contact us page + privacy policy. I am sharing these techniques, because now in London I have some clients and I start buidling web sites from scratch and ONLY AFTER they are perfect I start to build backlinks. Also - if you have your own web sites with decent PR - put backlinks leading to your money site - it is very powerful to have your very own private network of sites. :-)
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Here is one video on the Google penalty topic from Matthew Woodward:

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Matthew Woodward Rules! True SEO master!
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To discover which update hit your site here is one useful article -
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One video from Google Web Master Help for improving your on page SEO by using search queries from web master tools:

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Be careful with your SEO campaigns!  The type of messages Google sends to web masters in web master tools are:

19% - Doorway pages, cloaking, keyword stuffing etc
4% Little to no value to the readers
3% Hacking/malware
2% Link buying
1% Link selling


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A video about footer backlinks:

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Some Google Panda recovery techniques (practical ones!):
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.... and the official explanation by Wikipedia -
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If your inner pages were hit, change some stuff in them. Change the description, meta title - just play with it. Also - uninstall any plugins which manipulate Google PRs. For example there may be plugins which may say: "like this page on Facebook, Twitter, etc. and get a file". An example of such is Viral Lock plugin. It seems that Google now hates those types of plugins and decreases the inner page's position and its SERPs! Uninstall it and change a bit the content of the article itself! After 2-3 weeks you will definitely see an improvement going on!
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hello all of you i am new to this forum. i am posting my first reply. if it contain some error please ignore it i try to improve myself.
google panda is an algorithm of google to penalize website with thin content, and increase page rank site with relevant and strong content.
here thin content means site that copy content from other websites or other sources and use them in their sites or use a content that in not relevant with their site's topic.
here relevant content content that is useful for your website's readers and related with theme or topic of your website.
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Nice one prologic! Welcome to the forum! :-) Here is another recent article called SEO Checklist 2013 you may want to read -
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Here is the latest Google Web Master Tools reply regarding RR (Reconsideration Request):

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Here is the latest video from Matt Cutts about the recent (and constant) Panda Google updates (September 2013):

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Another up-to-the-date article about the newest Google update called "Hummingbird":
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Here is one very interesting video about the inbound links and Google penalties recovery:

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I guess i have figured out how to deal with the Google Panda 4.0 Update. I have done a detail post on it and after following the tips  my website's traffic started increasing gradually which dropped after the Panda 4.0 Update. You  can find out more at
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