Q: .edu & .gov links, They worth it ?

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Hi Alex!

After have seen your excelent SEO tutorials, and having a look to fiverr gigs, I realized that you didn't comment any about .edu or .gov links (or i missed it).
Could you give us an advice about them? They worth so much as people say? There is a special technique or safe fiverr gig to get them?

Thank you in advance for your always helpful comments.
Best Regards!
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3 Answers

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Nowadays they do not have the power like in 2012... I haven't noticed any improvements in SERPs after using them. But you can make your own research - and order some in Choose some easy to rank keywords and use only .edu and .gov backlinks - see the results after 2-3 weeks... :-) You can also post them here - so we all know :-) Cheers, Alex
answered by user golearnweb
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.edu and .gov are best for the government and education sectors, If you are targeting some good business type then you can attract good traffic from such type of domains otherwise they are of no use. You can use .com and other target locations domains if you want to.This is best.
answered by user Brayden
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Yes its really worth, getting a backlinks from edu. gov it is good for your seo optimization..
answered by user johnniewalk