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Hi, I am newbie for Joomla. I have some questions. First: which Joomla version is better - 1.5 or 2.5? Second: should I install the CMS with quickstart? Third: Is php or css necessary to learn in order to produce a very good and functional website in joomla?
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1. For Joomla 1.5 and 2.5 versions are the most stable ones - whatever version you use does not matter - the both are very stable and you will have no problems creating user friendly and SEO optimized site!
2. It depends on you - Quickstart is easier, but you can play around with both of the options - install quickstart and maybe on another sub-domain the template itself. Play around with it and see the difference in both!
3. It is good to know the basics for Joomla because CSS and PHP are huge so more time is needed top learn them
answered by user golearnweb
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1. You should use 2.5 instead of 1.5 since 1.5 is an unsupported version right now. If you studying joomla its also better if you start with 3.0 since it can comes with pure jquery.. (2.5 still using mootools as core framework)

2. CMS with quickstart ? it depend .. if you want to build faster site..yes quick start is one way to go.. but if you want to learn joomla, you can install the core joomla.. since quickstart version usually already filled up with a lot of extension (which you probably don't need)

3. HTML and CSS is a must...  well PHP is something i suggest you to learn but not a necessary skill... (but it could save you hours)
answered by user veeco
Thanks - a helpful info! I love Joomla as well! For me it is better then WordPress!!! ;_)
Joomla is a true cms, while wordpress is based on blog platform. Technically joomla has more feature than wordpress. But wordpress is more user friendly and more programmer can monetize from wordpress.. these two combo make wordpress has more market share.
Each one of these CMS has advantages and disadvantages. That is why I am using Drupal - it is flawless! :-)))
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All the big three CMSs (Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal) do not require any coding at all for website creation unless you are required to make changes to or try to create the modules/plugins/extensions of these CMSs. If you are not making any changes or creating these modules, plugin or extension (they require HTML5/CSS/Javascript/jQuery/Ajax/PHP and in some very minor cases MySQL and some other less popular languages in the web development world like Ruby and Python) then the web development journey is very smooth because the core CMS and there modules have almost all the solutions to web development challenges. Other than the above mentioned CMSs you can also try to get involved with CMSs like BuddyPress and Magento that a are specialized  in creating Social sites and e-Commerce websites respectively.

Issue version is well discussed in the article!_should_you_use%3F
I recommend to read this article
You will understand what CMS suits you better.
answered by user John Oldman

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