Q: How to set up rel=”author” with Yoast SEO WP plugin and connect it to Google?

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I have a question about rel=”author”. I am using Yoast's WP SEO plugin for my wordpress blog, but I cannot figure out how to make my picture show in the Google results.... It is so beautiful and cool when you see an image with your face next to the results! :-) Can you please help me out with this! Thanks!
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It is not that easy - there some setting which needs to be done in order for this plugin to work fine with your page and Google: So here are the steps:

1. Go to the wp-admin and in your WordPress Dashboard click on Users. Fill in your personal information - e-mail + web site (your own) + Google Profile page which may look like this:

2. Go to your Google Profile Page and in the About Menu add your site. For example you can write: I am blah, blah, blah and my site is: ..... It is important as you interlink the pages!

3. It is important to have rel="publisher" on all your pages. Usually I am using the top menu to put this link. Simply Add on your top or footer menu "Find us on Google +", or "Google +" and link it to your which MUST BE the same as in point 1!

4. On the very top in your dashboard you must find "Screen Options" - open it and make sure to check "Link Relationship (XFN)"  for the menus!

5. Open the "Find us on Google +", or "Google +" menu and in Link Relationship (XFN) type "publisher".

6. Go to your Yoast WordPress SEO plugin >> Titles & Metas >> Homepage & Front page and under Author metadata choose your name (filled in point 1) + add (the same in point 1 and 3!)

7. To check if everything is working just fine log in to your Web Master tools and go to this link: - it will show whether everything is working correctly and which fields needs to be done!

If you follow all 7 steps you will see your picture next to your link :-) This will help your site boost authority and trust which will lead to better traffic (more people click on links with pictures!) and better results! :-)

Here is a video on the topic:

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Thanks! I hope I will get more traffic from Google by using this method! Cheers
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You may not need special plugin. Or if you are using simple HTML or php code then you may add these lines in the <head> section of your site:

<link rel="publisher" href=""/> - this proves you are the publisher of this particular blog!


<a title="author" href="" target="_blank" rel="author">Your name</a> or <link rel="author" href=""/> - this must add your picture next to your link! but it is not 100% sure - your image must be clear and to follow Google's guidelines. Good luck!
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Here is another article explaining Google authorship's advantages -
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Something important! Once you set up everything properly - IT DOES NOT MEAN that your picture will appear next to your site's links! You must gain and build reputation! I am having a site with the authorship picture, BUT one of my client's site do not have one - simply because he is new and he has 1 man in his circles!
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You can buy some people to your Google + account from Fiverr :-) Just search it! ;-)
I am doubtful about this! Google can detect all these unnatural people following you in the circles. Moreover - most of them have no pictures and it is risky to use Fiverr in combination with Google Plus. Whoever some experience with this method - please share! You, mitko - can share your way as well - will be interesting!
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Nikole, after you are approved for Google authorship you will receive a message from Google with the following content:

Welcome to Google Authorship!
You're receiving this email because you've added Google Authorship markup to your pages. This is a one-time notification and we will not be contacting you further about this issue.

You've established your Authorship, which means your photo and a link to your profile can now appear next to your content in search results

Did you know? Signing up for Authorship means you can now learn how often your pages are appearing in Google search results.

You can then track your clicks to your authorship pages! you can read more here -

Hope you will be approved! :-)
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Here is one article and a case study about Google + and the advantages of its usage for the search ranking purposes: Enjoy!
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Here is the latest video from WebMasterHelp YouTube Channel and Matt Cutt's thoughts:

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Hi Nikole! I hope this steps can help you on how to set up rel=”author” with Yoast SEO WP plugin and connect it to Google. I think first you need to link your content to your Google+ Profile. Then install the WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin (if you still don't have this plugin). After this, go to your website user profile and add your Google+ link to set up Google Authorship. Then you need to assign a home page author if you have more than one author on your website. The last step would be to test it with the Webmaster Tools Structured Data Testing Tool.
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