Q: Does exact match domain have any impact on SEO now?

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Does exact match domain have any impact on SEO in 2013? I read from other course stating that the results are very positive too if using an international domain, within a geographical target. It is done by setting the preferred region using the ‘geographical targeting’ feature within Google Webmaster Tools. What's your opinion?
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Yes - it is good to have an exact domain. It is not as powerful as before but still have huge impact. If your site is located in UK - then you MUST buy domain. If your business is in London, then try to find a server in London - it will save a lot of your time + improve your overall performance + will help you get in top of Google in much shorter period of time!!
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Do not forget to put in Web Master Tools the geographical location! If you want to target the whole World - put "unlisted"
answered by user Jolie Ann